Flowercargo S.A. is a company specialized in the handling of perishable and general cargo. Thanks to our infrastructure and high technology we can offer a wide variety of services according to our clients needs.


We are committed to make sure that your product arrives to its final destination in excellent conditions, in order to be able to accomplish this; Flowercargo has specialized in the handling since 1994.

Moreover, we are a company that offers the highest quality service to customers from all over the world. Our objective is to develop an international brand and to be recognized as the ideal cargo agency to transport all kind of products.


Our qualified personnel are prepared to serve you at any time, during the logistic exportation and importation process, from and to Ecuador.

Thanks to our experience of over 21 years on the perishable and general cargo exportation field we can assure the quality of your product. We have developed our own process with ideal facilities which are very functional.





Environmental Responsibility

Flowercargo helps compensate for carbon emissions from its trucks and power consumption with a certified 54 hectare, re-forested plot, planted in Pifo-Ecuador.

Our Certifications